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Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville, Banded
The desire to create superior products to enhance the outdoor experience was our primary objective in the beginning… and remains to be the foundation of BANDED. Our gear is tough. Our gear is “sharp”. And, our gear works. We currently offer over six-hundred items representing nineteen diverse product categories. Some of the product categories you can expect to see include: outerwear; waders; boots; hunting accessories; blinds; decoys and, calls.

Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville, Groove Life
We get it. Wearing your hard metal ring on the job or at the gym is uncomfortable. But the largest problem with all other silicone rings is that they sweat like crazy, leaving your finger moist and nasty! Luckily, Groove solves that problem with patented breathable grooves. Who wants to stop and take off their ring several times a day to DRY IT OUT? Not us and not you! We made Groove to solve these problems so that you can push your limits, achieve your goals, and live life with a little less worry. Groove On!

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